The Anatomy of Healthy Cars: A Service and Repair Blog

  • Getting a Courtesy Car After an Accident: What Beginners Need to Know

    23 December 2020

    In the unfortunate event that your car is involved in an accident and needs repairs, you might want to arrange for alternative transportation to get you around. Public transport can be unreliable and inconvenient to many car owners. Furthermore, forking out cash for a taxi or hiring a rental vehicle can be a costly affair. Therefore, a courtesy car is the best alternative because you get a replacement vehicle while yours is off the road.

  • Common Types Of Windshield Repairs

    23 October 2020

    The windshield is one of the most important parts of a car because it helps the driver make decisions regarding their movements. When the windshield is damaged, it may affect the driver's line of vision depending on the location of the damage. Some windshield damages can be repaired while others may require you to replace the windshield. Here are some of the common windshield repairs. Chips One of the most common windshield repair problems is a chip.

  • Telltale Signs That Your Car Battery Is Nearly Dying

    27 August 2020

    Car batteries are literally the lifeblood of any vehicle. Other than helping you start the engine every time you want to drive the car, it also acts as a source of power for all the electrical components, including the air conditioning, radio, and lighting system. As such, you cannot afford to have a battery that isn't fully functional. How can you know that your car battery is about to die so you can avoid being frustrated because the car won't start?

  • Understanding When To Replace Your Car's Brake Pads And Discs

    19 March 2020

    Ensuring your brakes are in good working order is essential for your safety and the safety of others on the road. However, a lot of drivers aren't clear on how their car's brakes work or how to tell if they are worn. Here's an overview of your car's braking system and some warning signs indicating they need replaced: Braking System Explained Your car's braking system is primarily made up of calipers, pads and discs.